It’s fair to say that the UK music train has finally released its hand brake and has started moving forward with the success of artists like Stryder, N-Dubz and Tinie Tempah, you can’t help but believe that the future is brighter for the UK music scene. One artist who has brought a breath of fresh air to the scene is Cherri V, and she has been described by one discerning journalist as “the next sensation in the uk ” With a name like Cherri V, you would imagine her to be a confident, sophisticated young lady, and guess what????, that is exactly what she is, confident, sophisticated and full of life and energy. I was fortunate enough to be able to see her perform live at the wired event in Shoreditch house, and i can gladly say to you she did not fail to impress, having heard her on a few tracks before I can honestly say that I was blown away by her fiery red hair and powerful vocals as she wooed the crowd with her version of the popular drake song over, you may of even heard one of her tracks – ‘Skool Daze’ ft UK grime sensation Wiley, it was a big hit on Channel AKA when it was released. If you havent heard the track before or which to recap yourself just have a look at the music video (located below), the track has a catchy hook which is guaranteed to have you singing to yourself in the shower and a beat that would make you buss a few moves.

Aswell as blowing the crowd away with her vocals she has the ability to keep the crowd captivated with her sassy dance moves. There is no doubt that she is a very talented young lady and With her debut album – ‘Fast Cars, silk sheets and favourite Guys’ fast approaching, it is one album that I definitely look forward to listening to and she is someone who I would definitely recommend to go see live.

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her single ‘Skool Daze’ is out now and is available at the following outlets:

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or you can just visit her site and download it