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In the mist of the madness that is Entertainment, emerges a saviour. One that will bring organisation to the madness, that will shine the light on the right path, that will inform people on the hottest events, where they are happening and when they are happening……. Who/What is this saviour you may question? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls your saviour come in no form other than:

http://www.askevents.co.uk is the newest product to come from the brand that is ‘After Skool Klub’. The website gives a well needed insight to the events and promotional world and it provides a platform for all promoters both on and off the university scene to reach and promote to a wide array of audiences as well as being an excellent networking tool, bringing together and uniting people from other industries other than events and promotions the likes of Fashion, Media, Poetry and even Catering (just to name a few). When  we met up with the CEO of the After Skool Club Brand ‘Mr Brown alias D-Bleeze’ to speak to him about the site he stated:

‘Afta Skool Klub will keep you updated with the latest events happening in and around the UK. Bringing the latest mix cd’s from prestige’s DJ’s around the uni scene. Afta Skool Klub provides Event management, fundraising and promotion of the very best standards. All our specialities are at our highest work ethic possible. We know how important every occasion is so we make sure our understanding is on the same wave length in making sure everything runs smoothly and professional.’

The website is definitely recommended if you want to stay in the loop with the goings on in the entertainment scene, for more info just click on one of the links below:

FaceBook – http://www.facebook.com/aftaskoolklub?ref=ts#!/group.php?gid=7271881323

Twitter      -@DBleeze

WebSite    – www.askevents.co.uk



Tazer: New Kid On The Block

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For those who don’t know or have not heard of Tomi Tazer (pictured on the left), he’s your average 20yr old student who is attending the university of Bedfordshire studying a degree in Media production who’s always had an interest in being DJ, he took his interest, combined it with his love of music and made it happen.  Right now Tazer is part of the new generation of rising stars in the uni scene. It all started in 2009, during his 1st year of uni, he decided to take his interest to the next stage and actually take on the challenge.

‘a big influence that finally pushed me to learn how to dj came from when I downloaded on of the very talented DJ DNA’s mix cd’s (Funkystar vol 5). I listened to it and It really made me feel as if being a dj would be something that I would actually take a deep interest in.’

even after listening to DNA’s mix tapes and being inspired Tazer was still skeptical, it wasnt till he listened to the ‘silver mistletoe’ mix by Don Peps (another well-known DJ within the university circuit) did he actually then decide to take the plunge and just go for it, like any aspiring DJ Tazer started of using the DJ’ing software ‘virtual DJ’ to try to get a feel for it and learn how to mix, Tazer stated:

‘It allowed me to learn the basics but even then everything felt over simplified and too easy. However, I continued using the software in my bedroom doing about 2 hours of mixing a day minimum’

after getting a spot on the local student radio station ‘Radio LAB 97.1fm’ Tazer got the motivational urge to learn how to mix manually. With that challenge being conquered he was ready to let the world know he had arrived, and that’s exactly what he did by releasing his first mix tape ‘Back to Basics: Funky House Vol. One’.

releasing this mix definitely paid off as he was asked to DJ at one of the hottest events on the uni scene ‘Wickedest Skank: The Rebirth’ hosted by none other than DJ DNA (the DJ who inspired Tazer to follow his dream), but it didn’t stop there after Wickedest Skank, Tazer was asked to headline alongside Don Peps at a fresher’s event in Luton (his home turf, uni wise) hosted by Gifted Ents (a local promoter well-known to the university) and Tazer was a smash hit at both events with his DJ’ing skills.

At present you can catch Tazer as the headlining DJ on local Luton radio station ‘JamRock Radio’ along side Derek Owusu and Yinkz Kakuta, the trio are the stars of the show Pure Vybes and can be listened to every Wednesday 6pm – 8pm on www.jamrockradio.co.uk

Tazer is the prime example to the statement ‘anything is possible once to put your mind to it’ 

for more info about Tazer, bookings or to listen to his mixtapes:





Make sure to checkout the radio show ‘Pure Vybes’ every Wednesday 6pm – 8pm and show some support.


Pen to Paper: Success


It’s fair to say that Pen to Paper was a raging success, the night was filled with fun, laughter and amazing talent. The showcase showed off some very talented individuals in the fields of poetry, music and drama, the few that stood out for myself included two poets Ezekiel, a young guy who currently attends DMU (Leicester), his poetry was one of the heart speaking on relationships and the pressure that young people are put through to impress their peers ,  Indigo Williams a young lady who spoke about the struggle of the streets  two poets with very different styles but both spoke true on the subjects which hit home with a majority of the audience. other talents included rappers YJ and  up and coming artist Abiade, he is well-known in the Camden area for performing and hosting on several occasions at a showcase dubbed ‘Fat Talent’ which was being held in the area and was also the opening act for new hit sensation, ‘Bruno Mars’. Singer/song writer Raheem Bakaré (winner of ‘U Got Talent’ 2009), warmed females heats by doing a cover of a song by US superstar Tre Songs aswell as introducing the audience to a couple of songs that he composed himself. The night was rounded of by ‘Mo the Comedian’ and  ‘A Dot’, the two comedians with their hilarious stand up truly kept the crowd entertained. All in all hosted by ‘Mr Kookies’ and his team of ladies and gentlemen was a huge hit and proved that the UK has a lot of talent and all they need is the chance to shine, there should defiantly be a lot more event like this. For more info on the some of the talent mentioned above just click on one of the links under their names below.










The ‘Fat Talent’ showcase is no longer being held in Camden but is relocating to the Shoreditch area so stay tuned to find out  information on it for the near future.

The Original Geeks n Nerds

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After the smashing success of wickedest skank, im sure that every hardcore raver is thirsting for more and can’t wait for the next big event, well wait no longer, promoters ‘After Skool Club’ formally ‘Uni Theme Rave’ bring you ‘The Original Geeks n Nerds’, an event like no other promising good vibes and good music.

DJ’s on the night include:

  • DJ DNA
  • Cosmic
  • Ruff n Tuff
  • Twisted Ents
  • Voice n Vybes + many more

Dress code is simple and fun, come in your geekiest and nerdiest outfits you can think of. Tickets prices are as follows:

  • Coach – £15
  • VIP – £15
  • Standard – £8
  • Early Bird – £5
  • Ltd Lady’s – £2.99

tickets can also be purchased online by jus clicking on the link below:


for more info just visit the FB page, and also add yourself to the group for info on future upcoming event


Again not one to be missed so make sure you grab your tickets.

The Countdown has begun

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Only 1 day left till the most anticipated event on the uni scene, word on the circuit is that all the promoters have sold out of their ticket and the only tickets available are online. For those of you who were unfortunate enough to miss the last three make sure you get your ticket for the fourth instalments for its guaranteed to be a smasher with headlining DJ’s including:

for more info checkout:

FB: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=9991628010&ref=ts

Tickets for all you lastminute.com people out there, get the remaining tickets from:


or just click on one of the DJ’s names to head straight to the site and remember if you’re a snoozer you will be a looser, don’t waste no time this event is the 1st in the lineup of un-missable event this year.

4 Your Info/Freshers

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It’s that time of year again, were young individuals leave home to go explore the world that is university which is said ‘to be the best years of your life’ and we are here to guide you through, giving you information to help make this transition through life a nice smooth comfortable ride.

Providing you information on the hottest events such as:

  • Raves
  • Fashion Shows
  • Cultural events

studying and  partying hard is all well and dandy but university is also a place where young minds expand and see the world in a whole different light allowing individuals creative juices to flow and new business’/ventures are born and hidden talents finally find their way to the surface, with fashion labels such as:

  • VA-G
  • Cross Eagle & Cross Angel
  • Correct Garments

,talents such as:

  • Nu Brand Flexx
  • DJ DNA
  • Don Peps

and production companies including:

  • Gifted Ents
  • After Skool Club
  • Mr Kookies
  • Correct Entertainment

and many, many more were all founded, developed and expanded by their creators whilst at university, the possibilities are endless.

So aswell as giving information on all the activities going on this year in the uni scene we will also be giving information on the talents and entrepreneurs that emerge from the ground and take the uni scene by storm.

Congratualations to the freshers of 2010/2011….. work hard and party even harder, work towards your goals and fulfill your every potentential and just remember its all ‘ 4 Your Information’

for more info or to send press packs email us at:


or add us on twitter:


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