Amy Winehouse X Fred Perry

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Pop superstar ‘Amy Winehouse’ has come together with ‘Fred & Perry’ to produce a new AW10 collection. The new collection designed by ‘Amy Winehouse’ allows us to see the sophisticated, fashionable side of her  rather than the booze hound, drug addict she is normally conveyed as. The collection was launched last week with a private gig at ‘Fred & Perry’s’ Soho store


Crepe City 3

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Today saw the return of ‘Crepe City – the london sneaker festival’, celebrating the UK’s underground music and fashion culture. The event was held at the Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch , the event was a place where eager fashion enthusiasts could go and embrace the urban fashion culture. On display was some of the rarest and exclusive sneakers from Jordans to Airmax’s. The movement originally started when 3 guys who all shared the passion for sneakers (trainers) and had an idea that there should be an environment where other enthusiasts can come sell, buy, talk and generally share their passion for the ever so comfortable and popular footwear. Today would have been the 3rd instalment of this unique event with so much more to come in the future. The creators of Crepe City also integrated the ingenious idea of being hosts for some of london’s most successful underground fashion labels, the idea was for these labels to come down and showcase and sell their stuff to an audience who love and support the UK underground scene. Today saw the attendance of labels such as Benjart, Trapstar, VAG, PINS, 360 (pictured below) and many more.

click on the logos below to be redirected to the brands stores for a chance to check out some of their stuff.



for more info check out Crepe City’s site, just click on the link below:

ASOS Launches Site in the US

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UK online boutique ASOS has successfully launched its sister site in the US today, the new site is 100% tailored and adapted for American consumers with a US focused homepage, the prices have been converted into dollars and is bursting full of American terminology, all the things needed for an American shopper to feel at home. After the successful launch of the US site separate sites for France and Germany are now in the pipe line. ASOS Uk has grown from strength to strength, by selling the hottest trends at affordable prices it was only a matter of time before they decided to branch out to America

In the period of March 2009 – March 2010 ASOS recorded an amazing $331.4 million in sales with just under 7% of it being generated from the US which coincidently is more than any other country outside the UK. ASOS UK has a huge variety stocking 37,000 different styles for men and women’s well as the site getting updated every week with a further 1500 styles being added to the site. The US site is said to have even more options and a company representative is being assigned to scout the US market to help focus more on home-grown merchandising strategies


‘Sean John’ to ascend on Europe


P. Diddy has successfully introduced his clothing line ‘Sean John’ to the european market, the brand received a warm welcome from potential buyers and is said to be retailing in stores in the fall of 2011, the move has been in the planning stages for the past three years but was set back due to the economic crisis, Diddy and his team showcased the upcoming Sean John collection to potential partners and buyers, the collection consists of men’s sweaters with intarsia military motifs, slim fit jeans in faded khaki washes and silk bomber jackets. The suits produced under license with Peerless included a navy blazer with silver button along with accessories essentially the new collection breaks away from the stigma that Sean John is full of ‘baggy’ cuts in its designs. Diddy stated that the european buyers who had seen the designs were very much surprised and ‘Almost anyone who has come here today was like, ‘I thought the product would have logos on it, I thought it would be baggy,’ when actually it’s timeless fashion, it has a little aspiration and it’s very clean…it’s great product.’ The target market in Europe would most likely be similar to its prime U.S. niche, being 25- to 28-year-old men and the price points will be dependant on the licensing and the retail partners. Pictured below is a sneak peak of what is to be expected from the new collection.

James Bond for David Beckham collection

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For all the Adidas fans out there check out the ‘ObyO David Beckham Dloey Delux’ sneakers which comes as part of the James Bond for David Beckham line-up these classy, sleek low cuts feature a rich oiled boot leather upper (including laces), paired with a vulcanized sole. The sneaker comes in two colours, ‘black and brown’ & ‘all brown’ and they will set you back £90 – £100, out of the whole collection these are the favourites and are a recommended must buy for your fall/winter 2010 collection.

Yamaha X Akoo

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Rapper T.I’s clothing label ‘Akoo’ and superbike specialist ‘Yamaha’ have come together in collaboration to develop the new superbike dubbed ‘Yamaha YZF-R1’ which was unveiled at the Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas last week.  The finished product came as a result of ‘Akoo’s’ design team collaborating with custom sport bike designer and builder, Rob Uecker, from ‘Voodoo Industries’. The bike takes on Yamaha’s rugged, modern street-king look where as the shape gives it a sleek futuristic finish, the ‘AKOO Yamaha R1’ is a work of art, an ingenious master piece and ‘Ralph Reynalds’ of Akoo had this to say about the bike;

“Rob Uecker creates custom inspired creations, each one better than the last. The AKOO Yamaha R1 is truly one of these inspired creations. From a design, power, and style perspective the combining of our two different brands, VooDoo Industries’ magic has brought about truly inspired beauty. Rob being the artist, the Yamaha R1 being the medium, and AKOO being the inspiration, we are fortunate and extremely appreciative to have been involved with this project.”

Sasha Fierce Unleashed

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Beyoncé’s alter-ego ‘Sasha Fierce‘ has been unleashed in her newly released ‘fall 2010’ campaign for ‘Dereon’, her new clothing line. The preview shots show Sasha Fierce  posing on her motor bike (pictured below) beaming with confidence and radiating attitude.

Sasha ditches the long diva locks sported by Beyoncé to go for a short blonde sophisticated look styled by ‘Etta James’. Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles had this to say about the new look adopted by alter ego Sasha Fierce who is also the face of  ‘Dereon’,

‘I initially was involved as the spokesperson, but the clothes just didn’t reflect my personal style and I decided to hand that over’

the brand has recently launched its new bedding collection which currently come in tow different kinds (pictured below)

even though Dereon has just recently released its new bedding collection and the new campaign seems to be more aimed at the older sophisticated woman, Dereon’s main focus and target market is the youngsters, the collection features items from apparel to eye-wear and the world also sees the launch of Beyoncé’s new fragrance ‘Heat’ , Dereon’s collection is already on sale in the US and there is no word as of yet of when it will be released in the UK but check out the website and online  store:

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