Benjart Winter Releases


Rising UK brand Benjart have released their premium HrH winter collection. The collection comprises of:

A ‘classic cable knitted Beanie with A mix of acrylic/wool‘ with the HrH logo (pictured below) the beanie comes in a variation of 2 colours

also to be released are 2 crewneck tops….

the first crewneck sweatshirt  is said to be a ‘handcrafted piece’ which features a metal encrusted HrH logo and an added ‘Leatherette’ elbow patches’ (pictured below) the sweatshirt also comes a variety of 2 colours

for the final sweatshirt Benjart have referred back to one of their originals and have fused the ‘Bsplash’ logo with the iconic painting of the ‘Mona Lisa’ to create the second part of the ‘love at first sight’ design. (pictured below)

the new releases give a classic sophisticated look and could be a new direction for the brand. For more info on the Benjart brand just check out (or just click on the link below):

to purchase any of the Benjart apparel and accessories check out (or just click on the link below):


TrapStar FlagShip Store

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This saturday sees the grand opening of one of UK’s most successful underground clothing brand ‘Trapstar’. Since the launch the brand has slowly risen to become a house hold name and superstar ‘Rihanna’ has been snapped sporting one of the brands artistic numbers (pictured below)

Trapstar have emerged from the underground and have decided to enter into the corporate world and have set up shop in the heart of london, the new store will be situated at the heart of Portobello rd W10

we at FYI wish Trapstar the very best of luck on their new venture  and if your around on saturday go show some support, arrive early to receive some free giveaways courtesy of Trapstar

Introducing ‘WemiDesigns’

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WemiDesigns, the newest craze to hit the streets of London, started by a young lady called Mimi as something she made for herself but upon seeing the ingenious and unique design the people leapt at it thus the brand ‘WemiDesigns was born. what’s so unique about the brand you may ask???? Well ‘WemiDesigns’ mainly focus’s on the fashion of beautifully handcrafted ‘handbags’ with its main influence’s and inspirations coming form an african perspective using only the finest materials (pictured below)

The ‘handcrafted’ items range from £20 – £60 coming in all different shapes and sizes and are made to oder which means that they are exclusive to each individual and you won’t see any replica’s or another one like it being sported by someone else.

for more info check out:

or to place an order for a unique handcrafted handbag of your own jus visit

and send a message to the team at ‘WemiDesigns’ just stating which of the bags have caught your eye.

The brand that is ‘Benjart’

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The brand that is ‘Benjart‘, a brand that came from the bottom and has risen to become the most recognised label in the underground fashion scene, a true fashion rags to riches. Benjart’s design style may be described as a chemical reaction which fuses art and fashion together to create imaginative, mind-blowing pieces. (pictured below) The team here at 4 your information are definite fans of the brand.

Benjart now brings you their end of season sale with 50% of certain items so make sure you check out the Benjart online store before they sell out:

or alternatively click on the link located on the right hand side of the page. For more info on the Benjart brand you can also have a look at their blog:

Compliments to the ‘DOPE CHEF’

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‘Dope Chef Currency’ is back with a 2010 collection, these new designs can be said to be bigger, better & wilder than their  previous designs but they still manage to keep to their humourous twists and trademark catchphrases that everybody loves.

For those of you that have never seen or heard of Dope Chef (which in its own right would be a fashion sin), Dope Chef is one of the leading street wear labels to rise from the UK with their influence for the genius that is their creations of art work deriving from what is said to be the ‘street cultural movement’ which has been compiled from the worlds of music, art and politics amongst others. Dope Chef have broken through and established themselves in ‘elite’ street wear stores  from London to New York, and have even had high-profile celebrities such as: Rick Ross, Jim Jones, Damon Alban and Liam Gallagher have been seen sporting one of their garments. Also seen have been none other than UK hit sensation Tinie Tempa and US superstar Kanye West with them both being icons in the fashion world and have set some of the hottest trends.

Dope Chef Currency have definitely made their mark in the world of ‘urban street wear’ and will be sticking around for a while, one thing is for certain ‘Dope Chef Currency’ is one currency that will not lose value but will keep rising to become stronger and stronger.

to get your hand on the new collection or any of their classic garments just visit one of the many stores they are stocked in or visit – alternatively click on the link to the right of the page and start exploring the world that is ‘Dope chef Currency’

The Heroes Have Landed

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Shining Heroes is rightly described as a ‘innovative, dynamic, new age’ urban street wear label with its eye-catching and uniquely styled designs, their inspiration derive from the lifestyle and culture that everyone can relate to in more ways than one with it being  HIP-HOP,SURF,INDIE & SKATE. Shining Heroes is a UK born and bred label, they have just recently launched their official website and are having a banging sale to celebrate ‘25% off everything’ to be exact. Items such as their ‘Shining Heroes Varsity’ (pictured left) is part of the sale, this wonderfully crafted garment sports bright colours that ooze out confidence and attitude and is definitely a show stopper that would get heads turning at any social event. shining heroes have taken the UK by storm and are most definitely here to stay, their items are a must have this summer, but you must remember only a certain number of items are produced every season so there’s no fear of seeing someone else sporting the same top as you at a party or social event but you must be quick as the sale is proving to be very successful so check out the website and get yourself an exclusive t-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket at a lovely discounted price.

The sale is only on for ‘one week’, that’s 7 days check out or alternatively click the link on the right hand side of our page.

VA-G Mash House of VA_G Success

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VA-G (Visual Artistic Garments) are one of the biggest, unique labels to hit the underground UK fashion scene.Now if you have not been around or are not familiar with the underground UK fashion industry you may have not seen or heard the name VA-G (Visual Artistic Garments). Since the labels arrival in 2007/2008 , it has taken the uk fashion industry by storm, its creativeness and uniqueness are formed by breaking the stereotypical urban trends affiliated, amongst the youths of today and our common society. With members growing up in south / south-east London it has always been their aim to

produce a brand that could change perception and break barriers of what a modern youth culture specifically young black youths felt were socially acceptable. While visiting the guys in Oxford street at their M.A.S.H House of VA_G, it certainly felt that they had made a major step in their aim to break away from typical conventions. You can see their unique style and creativeness from their bright vibrant rayband themed t-shirts (left) to their VA-Cadet tee (below) , which I must say has to be one of my favourites in the collection.

Thier range does not stop there as VA-G also have included in the range a selection of women’s t-shirts and its definitely something that the ladies would be interested in, don’t believe me? take a look at the hottest new artist from the US Melaine Fiona with her VA-G Tee.Whilst being in the store I manged to catch up with the CEO’s of VA-G Vidal Bull (pictured above) and Alan Adewale, who explained that this is just the beginning for them and they visualise VA-G getting bigger and better and reaching for the stars, as they have been putting in the hard work for the last few years and have no intentions on taking their foot of the pedal. So folks look out for VA-G.

If you have the chance to go Oxford street M.A.S.H check out the clothing

Also if you can’t get enough and want to know more check them out at:


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