US Music: Remembering a Legend

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On this day 14 years ago rapper, Notorious B.I.G died after being shot down. Fans all over the globe have used today to remember the legend who helped revolutionise the Hip Hop industry and the music game.  B.I.G was first bought onto the scene by US superstar P. Diddy and quickly rose to become one of the best rappers that ever lived. His songs spoke about his struggle and how hard life was before he hit it big, one of the qaulities that made Biggy so special is he knew how to relate to his listenrs and fans found joy in listening to his music.

Notorious B.I.G May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997

Gone but NEVER forgotten….. R.I.P


Music CatchUp: UK Music

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Nu Brand Flexx are back on the rise and have shown the nation so by their newest creation ‘Spellbound’. From the looks of the video and the lyrical content, their inspiration came from a well-known substance which is very popular in Amsterdam and can also be found lurking on the streets of London and has now taken its stand in the music industry whereby it appeared in quite a few videos, springing up the intriguing debate of ‘why have artists started smoking in their music videos’? Bleieved to have been made poplular by US artist ‘Wiz Khalifer‘.

On another note Nu Brand’s new release is a cool mellow tune wih a partnering mellow beat to go with it which  allows you just sit and chill and vibe. All in all, a winner i’s thinks.


*Do you think smoking in music videos is cool or just encouraging a bad habbit?

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