A.S.K and you shall Receive


In the mist of the madness that is Entertainment, emerges a saviour. One that will bring organisation to the madness, that will shine the light on the right path, that will inform people on the hottest events, where they are happening and when they are happening……. Who/What is this saviour you may question? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls your saviour come in no form other than:

http://www.askevents.co.uk is the newest product to come from the brand that is ‘After Skool Klub’. The website gives a well needed insight to the events and promotional world and it provides a platform for all promoters both on and off the university scene to reach and promote to a wide array of audiences as well as being an excellent networking tool, bringing together and uniting people from other industries other than events and promotions the likes of Fashion, Media, Poetry and even Catering (just to name a few). When  we met up with the CEO of the After Skool Club Brand ‘Mr Brown alias D-Bleeze’ to speak to him about the site he stated:

‘Afta Skool Klub will keep you updated with the latest events happening in and around the UK. Bringing the latest mix cd’s from prestige’s DJ’s around the uni scene. Afta Skool Klub provides Event management, fundraising and promotion of the very best standards. All our specialities are at our highest work ethic possible. We know how important every occasion is so we make sure our understanding is on the same wave length in making sure everything runs smoothly and professional.’

The website is definitely recommended if you want to stay in the loop with the goings on in the entertainment scene, for more info just click on one of the links below:

FaceBook – http://www.facebook.com/aftaskoolklub?ref=ts#!/group.php?gid=7271881323

Twitter      -@DBleeze

WebSite    – www.askevents.co.uk



New Music: UK Music


New artist ‘K2’ has come together with fellow artists ‘Rapid’ & ‘Roachee’ to produce the single ‘This is My Hood’……. don’t let the title fool you, this tune is far from the rep your hood anthems that we have come to know in the past instead each verse tells a little story is/may be interpreted in the ‘Hood’ with a hook that brings the tune to life. The video is not to shabby either, it’s not too street and not too commercial but blends both aspects together nicely. It has a cool beat that allows the artist to just flow. All in all I give it 2 thumps up and I feel it has the potential to do well and go far.


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