US Tune of the day

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Superstar ‘Rihanna’ is back with another banging track, this time featuring ‘Drake’. The track titled ‘what’s my name’ not only has a catchy hook but also a fresh beat to that helps finish it off nicely.




Amy Winehouse X Fred Perry

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Pop superstar ‘Amy Winehouse’ has come together with ‘Fred & Perry’ to produce a new AW10 collection. The new collection designed by ‘Amy Winehouse’ allows us to see the sophisticated, fashionable side of her  rather than the booze hound, drug addict she is normally conveyed as. The collection was launched last week with a private gig at ‘Fred & Perry’s’ Soho store

UK Tune of the day

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Today saw the release of one of UK’s hottest artists ‘Chipmunk’. His new single ‘Flying High’ is a hot track and is a definitely another number 1 single for the him. The african influenced video just completes the package. Great video, great song.


Tazer: New Kid On The Block

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For those who don’t know or have not heard of Tomi Tazer (pictured on the left), he’s your average 20yr old student who is attending the university of Bedfordshire studying a degree in Media production who’s always had an interest in being DJ, he took his interest, combined it with his love of music and made it happen.  Right now Tazer is part of the new generation of rising stars in the uni scene. It all started in 2009, during his 1st year of uni, he decided to take his interest to the next stage and actually take on the challenge.

‘a big influence that finally pushed me to learn how to dj came from when I downloaded on of the very talented DJ DNA’s mix cd’s (Funkystar vol 5). I listened to it and It really made me feel as if being a dj would be something that I would actually take a deep interest in.’

even after listening to DNA’s mix tapes and being inspired Tazer was still skeptical, it wasnt till he listened to the ‘silver mistletoe’ mix by Don Peps (another well-known DJ within the university circuit) did he actually then decide to take the plunge and just go for it, like any aspiring DJ Tazer started of using the DJ’ing software ‘virtual DJ’ to try to get a feel for it and learn how to mix, Tazer stated:

‘It allowed me to learn the basics but even then everything felt over simplified and too easy. However, I continued using the software in my bedroom doing about 2 hours of mixing a day minimum’

after getting a spot on the local student radio station ‘Radio LAB 97.1fm’ Tazer got the motivational urge to learn how to mix manually. With that challenge being conquered he was ready to let the world know he had arrived, and that’s exactly what he did by releasing his first mix tape ‘Back to Basics: Funky House Vol. One’.

releasing this mix definitely paid off as he was asked to DJ at one of the hottest events on the uni scene ‘Wickedest Skank: The Rebirth’ hosted by none other than DJ DNA (the DJ who inspired Tazer to follow his dream), but it didn’t stop there after Wickedest Skank, Tazer was asked to headline alongside Don Peps at a fresher’s event in Luton (his home turf, uni wise) hosted by Gifted Ents (a local promoter well-known to the university) and Tazer was a smash hit at both events with his DJ’ing skills.

At present you can catch Tazer as the headlining DJ on local Luton radio station ‘JamRock Radio’ along side Derek Owusu and Yinkz Kakuta, the trio are the stars of the show Pure Vybes and can be listened to every Wednesday 6pm – 8pm on

Tazer is the prime example to the statement ‘anything is possible once to put your mind to it’ 

for more info about Tazer, bookings or to listen to his mixtapes:



Make sure to checkout the radio show ‘Pure Vybes’ every Wednesday 6pm – 8pm and show some support.

Crepe City 3

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Today saw the return of ‘Crepe City – the london sneaker festival’, celebrating the UK’s underground music and fashion culture. The event was held at the Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch , the event was a place where eager fashion enthusiasts could go and embrace the urban fashion culture. On display was some of the rarest and exclusive sneakers from Jordans to Airmax’s. The movement originally started when 3 guys who all shared the passion for sneakers (trainers) and had an idea that there should be an environment where other enthusiasts can come sell, buy, talk and generally share their passion for the ever so comfortable and popular footwear. Today would have been the 3rd instalment of this unique event with so much more to come in the future. The creators of Crepe City also integrated the ingenious idea of being hosts for some of london’s most successful underground fashion labels, the idea was for these labels to come down and showcase and sell their stuff to an audience who love and support the UK underground scene. Today saw the attendance of labels such as Benjart, Trapstar, VAG, PINS, 360 (pictured below) and many more.

click on the logos below to be redirected to the brands stores for a chance to check out some of their stuff.



for more info check out Crepe City’s site, just click on the link below:

Will Kay x OddKingdom

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The underground art world sees the rise of a new contemporary urban artist who goes by the name ‘Will Kay’, the young artist first discovered his talent at the age of 10 whist at primary school but like most youngsters he favoured the life of an athlete much more than an artist, his path was later laid out to him after an unfortunate sports injury lead him back to art and he has never looked back since. From GCSE he took his passion for art to college where he found and developed his drawing style, with this unique style he earned himself a spot at ‘Central St Martins’ (well-known school for young talented artists), after a year there he enrolled at ‘London College of Communication’, recently finishing, gaining a BA degree in design for print. ‘Will Kay’s’ unique style can be described as a fusion between art and graphics, his designs have the style and sharpness of a graphical piece but with a very artistic edge. Will Kay stated that one of his many influences was ‘H.R Giger’ (the concept designer of the alien, from the classic film ‘Aliens’) Giger’s work was described as ‘dark with a gothic influence’ and Will Kay has adapted the same kind of style to his pieces (pictured on the left). Many of Will Kay’s inspiration derives from the underground fashion and music scene and one of the pieces that put him on the map was his poster piece that he illustrated containing some of UK’s hottest up and coming grime artists such as Wiley, Kano, JME and Dizzy Rascal, one of the more recent piece’s he did was on underground UK fashion labels, the piece consisted of  labels such as Trapstar, Benjart, Pins and Ugly Kids Club (the construction of the UK brands piece was documented through film and the finished products are available to view on Will Kay’s site

Will Kay is now working on his brand ‘OddKingdom’. Oddkingdom is a brand that offers a selection of services including, Flyer design, Logo design, CD artwork, Will Kay styled illustrations, Digital art, Street fashion photography and much more. The brand will also be looking to soon expand into additional inventive projects, which will include collaborations, Exhibitions, clothing ranges.

Will Kay is defiantly one to keep an eye on as he will be among the first to give a new lease of life to the dying world that is art and will revolutionise art in the urban underground scene.

for more info on Will Kay and the OddKingdom brand just click on one of the links below:

Make sure you also subscribe to his YouTube channel:

Add Will Kay on Facebook:!/willkay


To visit Will Kay’s site jus click on the link below or alternatively click on the image to the right of the page

TrapStar FlagShip Store

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This saturday sees the grand opening of one of UK’s most successful underground clothing brand ‘Trapstar’. Since the launch the brand has slowly risen to become a house hold name and superstar ‘Rihanna’ has been snapped sporting one of the brands artistic numbers (pictured below)

Trapstar have emerged from the underground and have decided to enter into the corporate world and have set up shop in the heart of london, the new store will be situated at the heart of Portobello rd W10

we at FYI wish Trapstar the very best of luck on their new venture  and if your around on saturday go show some support, arrive early to receive some free giveaways courtesy of Trapstar

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