Shardinay is Back!! *not by popular demand*

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First thing that come to mind is ‘oh why’??????. Yes the young lady that bought you the most shocking piece of music to hit the air waves is back with another release. Shardinay stated in several interviews that  ‘oh boy’ was a spontaneous, spur of the moment thing so I guess she gets a pardon for that one but this new release however was a conscience, premeditated act of terrorism to the airwaves and listening ears. Her new song dubbed ‘you baby’ is simply atrocious, the video looks like a failed attempt to reenact the Beyoncé’s hit single ‘Work it out’ and was an all round thumbs down, but all criticism aside props must be given to Shardinay, she had a dream and is adamant to see it through and achieve her goal and it seems she is doing a great job of it receiving more than 100,000 hits on ‘YouTube’ and gaining local aswell as nationwide fame and I’m sure she will have the same effect with her second release. Shardinay in actual fact is so bad, it makes her good and for those who don’t understand  wrap your heads around this, its like hearing the worst joke in the world but you still find your self laughing due to how bad the joke really is or for those with mathematical knowledge or background the theory of ‘two negatives make a positive’ definitely comes into effect.

none the less here for your listening pleaser, Shardinay – You Baby



Diggy Simmons: All Round Superstar

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Daniel ‘Diggy’ Simmons designer and all round superstar, just before announcing the release of his new sneaker line ‘chivalry Couture’ Diggy at the age of 15 was signed to ‘Atlantic Records’. Since then he has unleashed on to the world  his mix tape dubbed  ‘AirBourne’ and has tracks featuring the likes of artists such as: Chris Brown, Lupe Fiasco, pharrell as well as production from Black the Beast, Omen, Kane Beatz and many more.

Download AirBourne by clicking on the image below

Stay tuned and watch this space as there is a lot more to come from the young talent that is ‘Diggy Simmons’

4 Your Info/Freshers

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It’s that time of year again, were young individuals leave home to go explore the world that is university which is said ‘to be the best years of your life’ and we are here to guide you through, giving you information to help make this transition through life a nice smooth comfortable ride.

Providing you information on the hottest events such as:

  • Raves
  • Fashion Shows
  • Cultural events

studying and  partying hard is all well and dandy but university is also a place where young minds expand and see the world in a whole different light allowing individuals creative juices to flow and new business’/ventures are born and hidden talents finally find their way to the surface, with fashion labels such as:

  • VA-G
  • Cross Eagle & Cross Angel
  • Correct Garments

,talents such as:

  • Nu Brand Flexx
  • DJ DNA
  • Don Peps

and production companies including:

  • Gifted Ents
  • After Skool Club
  • Mr Kookies
  • Correct Entertainment

and many, many more were all founded, developed and expanded by their creators whilst at university, the possibilities are endless.

So aswell as giving information on all the activities going on this year in the uni scene we will also be giving information on the talents and entrepreneurs that emerge from the ground and take the uni scene by storm.

Congratualations to the freshers of 2010/2011….. work hard and party even harder, work towards your goals and fulfill your every potentential and just remember its all ‘ 4 Your Information’

for more info or to send press packs email us at:

or add us on twitter:


US Tune of the Day

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Ne-Yo is back, and is coming back harder than ever with his new song titled ‘One in a Million’, with a video that would have done the ‘King of Pop’ proud by adopting the original MJ video ‘The way you make me feel’ and giving it a modern twist. The song itself has a catchy hook and a vibrant beat to go with, it’s definitely one that will go far.



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Another collaboration that unites the nations once again this time we see ‘Tinie Tempah’ and ‘Kelly Rowland’ come together to release a nice slow number titled ‘Invincible’. It seems like the two nations coming together as one to collaborate is becoming a fashion buts it’s all good putting team UK on the map so keep ’em coming.


The arrival of ‘D.A.R’

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Straight from the underground music scene, presenting D.A.R with their first tune to be aired, ‘who’s dat (is dat you)’ ft ‘Vas Fury’ the group have just released their vocals as a preview but we have been assured the video will soon follow, a nice little number that is defiantly on course to being a smasher.


Introducing ‘WemiDesigns’

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WemiDesigns, the newest craze to hit the streets of London, started by a young lady called Mimi as something she made for herself but upon seeing the ingenious and unique design the people leapt at it thus the brand ‘WemiDesigns was born. what’s so unique about the brand you may ask???? Well ‘WemiDesigns’ mainly focus’s on the fashion of beautifully handcrafted ‘handbags’ with its main influence’s and inspirations coming form an african perspective using only the finest materials (pictured below)

The ‘handcrafted’ items range from £20 – £60 coming in all different shapes and sizes and are made to oder which means that they are exclusive to each individual and you won’t see any replica’s or another one like it being sported by someone else.

for more info check out:

or to place an order for a unique handcrafted handbag of your own jus visit

and send a message to the team at ‘WemiDesigns’ just stating which of the bags have caught your eye.

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