The rise of DNA, Hot Shot DJ & Budding Entrepreneur


When you hear the term DNA im sure your mind automatically refers to the science of genetics but DNA is also the initials of one of the most popular DJ’s on the university circuit who is fast rising  as an all round DJ and entrepreneur. DJ DNA (pictured right) started his DJ’ing career in 2008 whilst doing a sports management/development degree at the University of Northampton, DNA’s motivation at the time is what i would say was out of the norm, he stated his reason for getting into the game was ‘the urban DJ in Northampton to me and quite a lot of people was not good enough because he was playing bait urban commercial tracks’ in site of this, DNA selflessly taught himself and mastered the skill of a ‘Disk Jockey’ for the sole purpose of providing better music for ‘his friends to enjoy’ and with that DNA took the university scene by storm and along with his new-found talent and boyish charms he rose to claim nationwide fame on the university grid by revolutionising the ‘Afro-Funky’ mix which he basically took ‘Afro Beats’ and meshed it with ‘Funky House’ mixes (which at the time had not been in the club world for long and was a revolution in itself) allowing him to claim the midlands as his own (where it all began) and later venturing on to greater london and its surrounding counties, DNA stated ‘my only inspirations were my friends that were supporting me around the time, coming to every event i was on the line-up for because i didn’t know any dj’s at the time or weren’t really listening to  anyone on radio’. After successfully jumping into the deep end to become a well-known DJ, DNA decided it was  time to tackle the unruly world of business and ventured on to developing the very successful and very popular event ‘Wickedest Skank’ with the help of partnering promoters ‘A2G’ & McLoving Ents’ with the first one launched in  Oct 2009 named ‘Wickedest Skank: Freshers Affair’ held at the student union bar at the University of Northampton it instantly became a smash hit with the students hitting numbers of 500+ party goers, it made those who did attend thirst for more and those who didn’t attend wish they could turn back time, it was such a big hit that in Jan 2010 they bought it back, by popular demand calling it ‘Wickedest Skank: Unfinished Business’ , only this time it was held at Club Groove, a bigger and better club situated in the heart of Northampton’s town centre, which by the reception it got was the right move  to make as moving to a larger venue allowed  them to hit numbers of 800+ party goers. Even after the success of the second instalment the students thirsted for more which was great news for DNA and his team and in April 2010 they catered to the needs of the consumer and bought ‘Wickedest Skank: Aftermath’ , this time they decided to reach for the stars and managed to secure a date at the hottest club in Northampton Lava ignite. When the word got out about the third instalment there was an up roar which with the success of the last two combined the powerful promotion tool that is ‘word of mouth’, the third instalment proved to be the biggest one of all with party goers turning up in 100’s and coaches turning up from universities all over the UK, but fun vibes and good music wasn’t all that was in store for the eagerly awaited event, DNA and his team also managed to secure a live PA from top UK Grime artists ‘D Double’ & ‘Tempah T’ making ‘Wickedest Skank: Aftermath’ the biggest and most memorable one of all the three hitting numbers of 1200+ party goers. After such a success you would think that would be the end of it but it is actually far from it because due to popular demand DNA and his team return on Oct 5th 2010 with ‘Wickedest Skank: Rebirth’ which is to return to Lava ignite. All i can say is, if you was unfortunate enough to miss any of the last three make sure you don’t miss this one as it would be a terrible tragedy. After successfully taking on the business world aswell as rising up to become a very popular DJ in parts if the UK, DNA wishes to take his talent abroad to countries such as the US and Africa so he can bring as much joy to the people over there as he did to people over here. DNA is a prime example of what a person can achieve determination and hard work, all i can say is keep your eyes and ears open and watch this space because i have a feeling there is more to come from this talented young man. To download and hear some of his mixes just click on one of the links below:

alternatively for more info you can contact DJ DNA at:


Shardinay – Spoof or The real deal?

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Shardinay, the most talked about topic since the Cameron came into power. It’s either this is the biggest spoof to hit the UK music scene or she’s actually a singer. Over the last week Shardinay has taken the UK music scene by some sort of thunderous storm. When you watch the video you will realise my choice of words..

This video dominated my timeline on twitter ( mrvybesj ) so I did what any curious person would do and decided to check it out. I can honestly say that i could not get past the first 30 seconds as it took my breath away, which in turn helped me understand why my timeline has been dominated with people’s feed back, after the poor start to the song in the first 30 seconds the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’ came into play so I decided to try the whole song and  I must say there is a surprising change,  the beat becomes more up tempo and I can honestly say i could find myself moving to the beat, its simple but worthy of a good skank, as for the initial song I would have to give it two thumbs down.

even though the song is not up there with greats there has been such an up roar that it’s been reported that the lady that is Shardinay is supposed to be making an entrance and performing her single at ‘the Sunday show’, which i say is not be a performance to be missed, it’s either she will turn up and give a performance that will raise the roof or it will be the demise of the last Sunday show due to complaints by ofcom.

All in all we would love to hear your feedback on this weeks up and coming Sunday show, so make show you go and check out what is meant to be the performance of year

Dru-Hill InDRUpendence Day Out Today

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After eight years, R&B multi-platinum group Dru Hill reunite and have signed a new recording contract with Kedar Entertainment. Sisqo, Nokio, Jazz and new member Tao (pronounced Tay-oh) are back and will release their fourth CD offering, ‘InDRUpendence Day’ which was released in stores today, with the release of their new album what can we expect from the popular R&B group???, well they have a new single – ‘Love M.D.’ which can be described to be a sexy mid-tempo ballad and the direction they have gone with regarding the new album is a soulful blend of R&B, rock, hip-hop and romance.
After such a long time out of the game a lot of fans will be wondering if the band can hit the dizzy heights they once did in the past. The group disbanded in 2001 so that members could pursue solo careers, Dru Hill group member, Sisqo went on to achieve international success with the acclaimed debut album – ‘Unleash the Dragon’, which included the mega hit ‘Thong Song’, the album sold over eight million units worldwide, while former group member Woody went on to pursue a career in Gospel. With Sisqo’s recent appearance in the celebrity Big Brother we all knew that a music project would follow and this year Dru Hill will star in a reality TV series titled ‘Sweat’s Platinum House‘, produced by label mate Keith Sweat and airing on CENTRIC. The series is guaranteed to keep audiences glued to their seats and further demonstrates the group’s provocative and edgy swagger. The show has already garnered international visibility for the group and is an excellent marketing vehicle for the CD project.

I guess the question on every Dru-hill fan’s mind is, will they be able to reach the same success they did in the past or even surpass it with a new member on board and with the new direction they have taken, change the sound of R&B and mixing it up with a bit of hip-hop and rock?

well all we can say is lets hope so and we wish them all the best of luck

make sure you check out their music video ‘Love M.D.’ (located above), and their new reality show ‘Sweat’s Platinum House‘ when it gets aired

Cherri V – Next UK Sensation

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It’s fair to say that the UK music train has finally released its hand brake and has started moving forward with the success of artists like Stryder, N-Dubz and Tinie Tempah, you can’t help but believe that the future is brighter for the UK music scene. One artist who has brought a breath of fresh air to the scene is Cherri V, and she has been described by one discerning journalist as “the next sensation in the uk ” With a name like Cherri V, you would imagine her to be a confident, sophisticated young lady, and guess what????, that is exactly what she is, confident, sophisticated and full of life and energy. I was fortunate enough to be able to see her perform live at the wired event in Shoreditch house, and i can gladly say to you she did not fail to impress, having heard her on a few tracks before I can honestly say that I was blown away by her fiery red hair and powerful vocals as she wooed the crowd with her version of the popular drake song over, you may of even heard one of her tracks – ‘Skool Daze’ ft UK grime sensation Wiley, it was a big hit on Channel AKA when it was released. If you havent heard the track before or which to recap yourself just have a look at the music video (located below), the track has a catchy hook which is guaranteed to have you singing to yourself in the shower and a beat that would make you buss a few moves.

Aswell as blowing the crowd away with her vocals she has the ability to keep the crowd captivated with her sassy dance moves. There is no doubt that she is a very talented young lady and With her debut album – ‘Fast Cars, silk sheets and favourite Guys’ fast approaching, it is one album that I definitely look forward to listening to and she is someone who I would definitely recommend to go see live.

For more information check her out at:

her single ‘Skool Daze’ is out now and is available at the following outlets:

  • itunes
  • HMV

or you can just visit her site and download it

VA-G Mash House of VA_G Success

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VA-G (Visual Artistic Garments) are one of the biggest, unique labels to hit the underground UK fashion scene.Now if you have not been around or are not familiar with the underground UK fashion industry you may have not seen or heard the name VA-G (Visual Artistic Garments). Since the labels arrival in 2007/2008 , it has taken the uk fashion industry by storm, its creativeness and uniqueness are formed by breaking the stereotypical urban trends affiliated, amongst the youths of today and our common society. With members growing up in south / south-east London it has always been their aim to

produce a brand that could change perception and break barriers of what a modern youth culture specifically young black youths felt were socially acceptable. While visiting the guys in Oxford street at their M.A.S.H House of VA_G, it certainly felt that they had made a major step in their aim to break away from typical conventions. You can see their unique style and creativeness from their bright vibrant rayband themed t-shirts (left) to their VA-Cadet tee (below) , which I must say has to be one of my favourites in the collection.

Thier range does not stop there as VA-G also have included in the range a selection of women’s t-shirts and its definitely something that the ladies would be interested in, don’t believe me? take a look at the hottest new artist from the US Melaine Fiona with her VA-G Tee.Whilst being in the store I manged to catch up with the CEO’s of VA-G Vidal Bull (pictured above) and Alan Adewale, who explained that this is just the beginning for them and they visualise VA-G getting bigger and better and reaching for the stars, as they have been putting in the hard work for the last few years and have no intentions on taking their foot of the pedal. So folks look out for VA-G.

If you have the chance to go Oxford street M.A.S.H check out the clothing

Also if you can’t get enough and want to know more check them out at:



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Those of you who are going to be bored and are eagerly searching for somewhere go party tonight, go check out the hottest party in town:

‘Yo Mama’ one of London’s most respected underground music nights is
combining forces with ‘The Bang Bang’, for a one-off sound clash, for
booty shaking, feet aching dance-off supremacy!

Leaving both of their monthly nights in Shoreditch, and Dalston, they
decide to bring a bit of East London, style and swagger to the
normally poesy, and pretentious west end

Music policy on the night Ranges from Disco, HipHop, Electro, Funky
House, Party Pop, Baltimore Club and even some Bailie Funk!

It’s a guaranteed great time out…. entertainment on the night include a clash between:

Jden and Dj 7oel (The Bang Bang)


Bambi and J@peg (Yo Mama)

for more info:

Facebook –  ‘Dee Bang Bang’ on Facebook

Twitter –

Make sure you download the ‘Bang, Bang’ mix CD, jus copy and paste the link below

-Hipsters Don’t  Dance-  Funky house, Soca, and pop

We will be there so make sure you are, just remember its all ‘FYI’


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Welcome to ‘For Your Information’ (FYI)

You may be asking yourself what are we about?, but the right question would be what are we not about? no really, Fashion, Music, Entertainment & The Arts, we will be providing you with information on what’s going on in and around london. We aim to provide you with the best information on what’s going on in the fashion industry, from the latest trends & hottest colour combinations to taking a closer look at the underground fashion world with rising labels such as :

  • VAG
  • Ape Apperal
  • Correct Garments
  • Benjart
  • Ugly Kids Club
  • Teddy Bear Club (TBC) + many more

We will be focusing a lot on the UK industry, as the UK is bursting with raw talent its only right that we try to expose the talent and keep you updated, which will also include speaking to faces behind these rising labels, along with all your fashion needs, we will also be giving you music junkies your much-needed fix’s, now that team uk is finally getting the recognition it deserves with the success of artists such as STRYDER , N-DUBZ , CHIPMUNK, SCORCHER, GIGGS and the list continues, the great news is, there is so much more to come from the UK scene with rising artists such as MERCHSTON, SLIX’S, CHERRIV &  many, many, many more, we will be talking to and getting the views of these up and coming rising stars.

On FYI we do not discriminate, so we will also be following and covering all the music and fashion trends coming from across the waters. We know there a lot of talented poets out there, so we will also give them the exposure they deserve and aswell as fashion, music & Entertainment we will be covering ‘The Arts’, along with poets, we also believe that bloggers are up there when it comes to talent, so we will be looking at the talented bloggers were we will take a look inside their heads to find out what their inspirations and motivations are aswell as what makes them tick.

We believe in connecting and networking so even if you are not into one thing I’m sure you will be able to find something that tickles your fancy, there’s  something for everybody whether its:

  • Fashion
  • Music
  • The Arts
  • Live Events
  • Bloggs

Just remember it’s all ‘FOR YOUR INFORMATION’

Stay tuned and watch this space for the 1st entry which will include:

  • VAG Mash Session and the  Stop Begging after party
  • The latest on the UK music scene
  • Interviewing some young talented actors trying to make it big on the UK Movie scene

If you need any information or have any talents that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you, Contact us at:


Facebook & Twitter coming soon so keep a look out

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